Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BOOMStick Audio Modules

The SnakeEyes V0.02 board has most everything I want but still needs some tweaking. I did not like the 0402 components, so I am going back to 0603. Additionally, I think people are interested in having exactly what they need and not much else in order to save costs. With that in mind, my next iteration of the audio board will actually be a small collection of breadboard-friendly modules:

Closest derivative to the V0.02 but only mono output. This will have a buffered SD Card, buffered PWM, improved 1W class D audio amplifier, headphone jack, and volume control.

Pared down version that scraps the headphone jack and SD card support. This can be paired with the BOOMStick for stereo output. Or, two BabyBOOMERS can be used with a SD-enabled microcontroller, such as the Fubarino SD, for an even more streamlined stereo output with 1W output per channel when using 8ohm speakers.

BabyBOOMER prototype

These will be small breadboard friendly speakers with current limiting resistors

Stay tuned for more development...


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