Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fubarino SD - New PIC32 Dev Board on the Block

Fubarino SD

For those that have not seen it yet, the Fubarino SD is a breadboard friendly, MPIDE (forked from Arduino IDE) programmable, PIC32-based development board from FUBAR Labs.

It is based on the PIC32MX440F256 which means that it runs 80MHz, has 256k Flash, and 32k RAM. There is a micro SD card socket on board connected to the PICs hardware SPI port. It also has USB OTG which means no FTDI serial interface and therefore faster serial communication. This direct USB interface is similar to the newest Arduino, Leonardo.

Fubarino SD avalaible at Seeed Studio Bazaar

With the great performance expected from this chip and the support that already exists for the board in MPIDE, I definitely plan on testing one or two out.

The SDt Version?

I have completed a new layout of the Fubarino SD to incorporate a few features that I want as well as support the packages for the parts I have available for build up of a couple boards. For lack of a better name, I am referring to it as the Fubarino SDt. Since I have just modified a few things, I thought I would toss my initial in there.

So what is different?
  • Changed packages for crystal and diodes to match what I have available
  • Used a different SD socket and brought the Card Detect out to a change notification pin
  • Used a 800mA regulator for just a little more *umph*
  • Used Sparkfun's locking headers so breadboarding does not require soldering
  • Minor layout changes to adhere to my board fabricators design rules
  • I also plan on using the PIC32MX440F512, which has 512k flash memory.
Time for some prototypes!


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