Sunday, December 16, 2012


Great news! I have completed a prototype of my edited FubarinoSD board, the FubarinoSDt.

FubarinoSDt Prototype

This prototype offers minor edits to FUBAR Labs' Fubarino SD 1.4. The most notable changes from a user perspective is that it has:

  • 512k program memory, versus 256k
  • 800mA rated current for the 3.3V regulator
  • The card detect pin on the new SD card adapter is routed to A14, a change notification pin that can generate an interrupt on change.
  • Blue LED on pin gotta love the blue.

Sparkfun's locking headers and slightly different parts were used for cost reasons, but the impact on the user should be minimal. 

EmbeddedMan, one of the creators of the FubarinoSD, provided the bootloader for the new 512k PIC32 and it seems to work just as expected.

I will post a video of it running my BasicSDAudio library soon.