Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventures at Home Depot

Home Depot is always fun, so many opportunities to remind Thomas why he shouldn't bring his wife.

I think HD got wise, though. Why else would they carry orchids for $9.99 and put them right at the entrance? Have you ever seen a mom promise her child a treat if they are on good behavior at the store? Yeah, it's like that.

First on the list, propane for those Summer barbecues. Next, dirt for the garden.

Last year, Thomas had a very cool, very space-station looking hydroponic setup in the back yard. The problem, though, was that instead of having to constantly monitor water volume, he had to constantly monitor water temperature, chemical and PH levels.

That plus the wind. A plant the has a constant water supply grows quickly, but the stems aren't so strong. After loosing much of the garden to previously mentioned issues, one day the pepper plant snapped in half. So did my guy's will power to continue hydroponic gardening in the desert.

It wasn't a complete loss, Thomas grew enough jalapenos and bell peppers to make a batch of hot sauce. We also had an abundance of mint and basil - it was a pesto and mojito Summer.

This year, back to dirt. Stinky dirt that smells like poop. We picked up a couple bags and also a soaker hose that is made of some kind of canvas-like material so that the water seeps through instead of squirting of out little holes. Clever.
Then, we head over to the PVC aisle, wifey following at a distance because she's looking at flowers and wants to stay away from the stinky poop dirt in the cart.

Thomas has a question, walks away to find someone in an orange apron. It takes us a while to track one down. I see a stack of orange bucket lids, and they look very much like frisbees. I pick one up. No, remember the orchid. Put it back down.

Finally, I see an orange apron in another aisle and smile at him. He says "Do you need help?" I lead him to my guy and say "I got one! I got one!" Good wifey, but this guy didn't know the answer. Should I fetch another one? No, it's okay.

I leave them and their PVC and stinky poop dirt to go sit down in the windows and doors department where there are tall chairs to sit on.

A few minutes later, Thomas is done and he heads toward the door, patting his leg and whistling for me to come. I gallop after him. Good wifey, happy with her pretty new orchid.

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